Dual Racing Stripe Kit Decal Sticker

Dual Racing Stripe Kit Decal Sticker


aantal stuks:


default size of this sticker: 9 in. Wide x 60 in. Long (Pair)

default color: black

default type of film: avery 500

Important notice:

There are such types of films

Avery 500 (matt or glossy) (default)
Avery 4500 Translucent Films. The service life of 7 years.
Avery Ultra Metallic
Avery 800 Series
Avery Carbon (High quality flexible film with a long life, with high resistance to weathering and excellent dimensional stability. The film is specially designed to create the effect of carbon coating.)
Avery Tattoo (Cast Vinyl Avery Tatoo, designed to create the effect of tattoos on the surface. Is a transparent film with black pigment.)

ALL sizes available!!! ALL colors available!!!

If the available sizes and colors do not suit you, please contact us.

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